What Reviewers Are Saying

...blends culture survival with political awareness and poignant emotion... accessible to readers of all ages and all backgrounds...a true poetic manifesto that emanates echoes of Ginsberg's Howl...

one of Virginia's foremost movers and shakers in poetry. 

Nicole Yurcaba, author of Backwoods and Back Words

A mistress of trope with her characteristic inner-city syntax and language... her choices of form: from traditional to experimental to hip-hop, she does it all.
Sara Robinson, Southern Writers’ Magazine columnist, author of Love Always, Hobbie & Jessie, Two Little Girls in a Wading Pool, Stones for Words, Sometimes the Little Town


...spell-binding poetry collection...stories that grasp much of humankind, as a whole... the story of many, maybe even your own.

Angela M. Carter, author of Memory Chose a Woman’s Body,

...exquisitely evokes a wealth of experiences and emotions... masterfully crafted.
Jo Christiane Ledakis, author of Wild Sea Salt of Life
This work speaks for many blended American cultures 
Michelle O’Hearn, poet, singer-songwriter, music producer

Part celebration, part protest, part declaration, part elegy...threads of many hues and textures, but all make up contemporary life.     

Stan Galloway, author of Just Married, founder of Bridgewater International  Poetry Festival

raw expression with unique style 

Ras Takura, Reggae Dub Poet, Organizer, Jamaica’s Dis Poem Wordz & Agro Festival